About me



Hello Everyone!

My name is Reem, and thank you for visiting the White Feather Tarot website.

It’s one of my missions to find my soul tribe and connect with beautiful souls!
So it’s an absolute pleasure to have you here.
This year, I have decided to share this aspect of me with the world, hoping that I may touch and inspire as many hearts as possible.

I’ve noticed that I’ve had psychic abilities ever since I was a young girl. I used to have dreams and watch them unfold in real life. I did the same thing by looking at the clouds and other things in nature and deciphering signs which always seem to come true. I’ve honed and worked on my intuition in interpreting things, like reading the coffee cup and realizing that my intuition has turned out to be true for myself and others. Also, I love reading in different areas like symbolism, mythology, ancient history, occult, spirituality, astrology, to name a few. I’ve continued to harvest this knowledge as a hobby that I have become very fond of in the last years. I consider myself to be a forever student, and it’s where my heart is at. This, along with my knowledge of tarot, I believe, has aided me to offer readings that hopefully touch peoples’ hearts and help them learn more about what they are capable of and what their spirit guides want to deliver to them; the same way it has helped me.
I’ve always had it in my heart to help people, and starting my YouTube channel was a way for me to do that. To speak my heart out and inspire others in finding a path to work on their spiritual and healing journeys.

I am an Aquarius sun, Pisces moon, and Leo rising.
I am Egyptian, and I grew up being fascinated by ancient Egypt and our history, magic, and symbolism. When I returned to Egypt in my late teen years, I delved into the ancient Egyptian temples, pyramids, valleys and immersed myself into the knowledge that this beautiful country beholds. I feel now inspired to share my knowledge and relive it with you.

Another thing about me, I grew up in Norway, which is a magical country that helped me grow my spirituality with its mesmerizing nature. It is where I started to learn more about Nordic mythology, which again absolutely fascinated me! There is where I truly found and developed my intuition within its serene nature, and it will forever remain a piece of my heart.

I appreciate everyone I’ve connected with, whether I’ve spoken to you or not or whether we’ve connected simply through one of the pick-a-card readings. Know that I have a lot of love for you in my heart, and my favorite thing to do is connect with beautiful souls, and there is nothing more valuable than that. Most importantly, I wish you all the best of luck in your future endeavors, and may life give you the best that it has to offer.

Love and Light ❤️