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Book A Reading

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I do a recorded reading on your question for around 25 minutes more or less depending on what the reading calls for.

For every reading, I will meditate on you, your energy, and your question and deliver your message from the reading.

Please note that because of the nature of tarot readings being a service refunds are not available, but I will make sure I deliver it from my heart and honestly read what the cards have to say.

The information needed is

Please leave the information needed below for your reading by clicking on “Leave Your Information Here” before checking out.

-The name you wish to be addressed with during the reading 

-The exact question that you wish to ask 

-Any brief info you feel is important for me to know about for the reading

I will be delivering your reading within 4 days after you have booked it


*Please note, readings are for entertainment purposes only and are not meant to give professional advice. Use your own judgment when making decisions and always seek guidance from experts and professionals.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 43 reviews
Keen for a personal reading

Dear Rheem,
I'm watching your readings every day. They became my daily habit and my bedtime ASMR, haha. Your voice is so soothing and you only speak with words made of love and kindness. I couldn't afford a personal reading for the last available option. However, life moves on, luckily, now I'm so keen you read my personal story.
Much love and happiness to you!

sakshi narayan
Watch all your YouTube videos !

Hi Rheem ,
Couple of months ago out of the blue I came across your YouTube videos . I have been hooked on ever since ! You are so calm , spot on and deliver messages in such a loving way . I don’t trust any other readings any more except yours ! I hope one day I can have a personal read with you . I need it . Thanks for everything!

A beautiful and intuitive reading.

I am so grateful to have crossed paths with Reem. She is such a guide for all of us in this world, a spirit guide in human form. I had a reading for my birthday and honestly I am touched by her purity and her kindness. No doubt, she is accurate… but in addition she can help you interpret your reality in a loving way. We are all here for the purpose of love.

Katiee Last

I follow your channel for quite some time now, I am so amazed with how accurate you are with every video you post and I tune into!
I would absolutely love to make an appointment with you when your available:)

Please let me know when private readings are back

I have been watching your YouTube videos for a long time, please, please, please let me know when you are back to doing private readings

Thank you ❤️