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Productivity Handbook

Productivity Handbook

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Productivity Handbook

The Productivity Handbook is now available as a bundle that contains an audiobook and an ebook that has ten critical practical steps to becoming a productive person.  Each chapter has a section on how to apply these tactics successfully and straight away. The book is straight to the point, with action points that have changed the habits of my clients while enjoying it. The accompanying audiobook is narrated by the author.

About Me

During my 15 years as a trainer and international speaker, I’ve amassed a vast amount of knowledge on this topic and have been able to deliver my expertise to multinational corporations.
I have been able to help employees and managers alike achieve better levels of productivity, time management, goal setting, and many other soft skills topics. I can do that by applying my knowledge in a concise and hands-on manner that unfolds the real reasons behind why people feel hindered and unable to achieve what they start with a plan for, all while enjoying being productive at the same time!
Being productive and taking action towards what you want to achieve is integral to your manifestation power. It allows you to vibrate in the same frequency as what you are trying to attract, which drives more opportunities towards you that align with your dreams.

What feels better and more empowering than actually getting closer to your dreams by watching yourself doing it and achieving it for yourself, one tick at a time?! This book is from my heart to yours, full of energy and intentions to help you reach your full potential.


The benefits of the ebook

With this book, you will be able to:
• Stay focused and enjoy the productivity process
• Learn helpful hacks to stop procrastinating
• Disrupt unproductive habits and lose them for good
• Succeed at changing your mindset towards prioritizing your time to do the things that are important to you
• Apply actual tactics that work to becoming a productive person
• Work smarter to avoid being burned out
• Easily face big tasks that seem intimidating and enjoy tackling them

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Customer Reviews

Based on 272 reviews
Tyler Miller
This helped so much thank you!

Hi!! This book helped me so much! I can’t thank you enough! I like how you spun it as your goals are monsters, youre the main character, now go have fun!

Donna Smith

I’m sorry that I haven’t been able to read it yet. I’m so busy with all that needs to be done for Christmas. I think reading it AND applying it will be a good beginning in 2024….

Holly Secretan
Productivity Handbook

I am simply blow away by this Author!! She is incredible, full of knowledge and wisdom beyond her years. She has the most effective way of taking you on a journey… a journey that will bring you joy, peace and fulfillment. The book has helped me not only to be more productive… but also the importance of time management, accessing tasks importance, enjoying the feeling of accomplishment and has allowed me to be able to relax. It has been critical in making changes that have but stuck in a holding pattern… I lacked the ability to not only complete tasks, obligations, chores, errands… but I seemed to be wasting so much time worrying about what to do when, where to begin and how to be successful on a consistent daily basis. I recommend this book to anyone and everyone that has ever felt lost, frustrated, unsuccessful and as if there’s not ever enough hours in a day… It gave me a whole new set of skills and a completely different perspective about being productive. I adore this woman… I listen to her daily on her YouTube channel and she definitely does not disappoint!!! She is gifted and generous and radiates wisdom in all she does!!! Do yourself a favor and get this book and check out White Feather Tarot on YouTube.. you won’t be disappointed ❤️

Snizhana Pashuk

Productivity Handbook

Norma Serna

Love your energy