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Productivity Cookbook

Productivity Cookbook

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Productivity Cookbook

Dr. Abdullah Tawfiq and I wrote this e-cookbook with one clear intention: to help people who are trying to embrace a healthy lifestyle and find it hard because of their busy lives and schedules.

We are glad to share with you an e-cookbook of healthy recipes that take less than 30 minutes to prepare, giving you time to be more productive with the essential things in your life while eating healthy AND delicious food!

The recipes are all made using healthy ingredients and substitutions to twist popular household favorites into a healthy spinoff. All recipes are showcased with beautiful images so you can imagine the outcome of your creations.

Clear nutritional values are mentioned for every meal, along with clear instructions on preparing every dish. Making it very easy to cook your recipes FAST while keeping track of your calories and your consumption of nutrients.

Sections included in the e-cookbook: Breakfast, Lunch, Snacks, Dinner, and Desserts. 

Sections included in the vegan version of the e-cookbook: Breakfast, Snacks, Salads, Lunch/Dinner, Smoothies, and Dessert.

With 210 recipes in each ebook, 2 versions of the ebook are available (original and vegan) because we wanted to offer a vegan version of the productivity e-cookbook (you will enjoy both ebooks considering that there are no duplicated recipes in either ebook). 

The recipes are very diverse to appeal to all palates, taking you on a culinary journey with dishes from all over the world. They come in a clear and organized format with a clickable table of contents making navigation a breeze.

Advantages of this e-cookbook:

  • 210 healthy & DELICIOUS recipes in each ebook (2 versions available), with no duplicated recipes.
  • The ebook is very easy to use and navigate through, with a clickable table of contents.
  • Quick delicious recipes that allow you to focus on being productive in other important areas of your life
  • Precise and clear instructions make it very easy to prepare your meal.
  • Each recipe has a beautiful image, nutritional values, and precise cooking instructions. 
  • Anyone can cook any recipe in 30 mins or less (some have extra oven or fridge time)
  • All types of meals and cravings are included, all using healthy ingredients. 
  • Many diverse flavors and cuisine types appeal to everyone.

About Dr. Abdullah Tawfiq:

With 25 years of cooking passion and medical background, I embarked on a journey of nutritional education to complement these experiences in a world where eating healthily is the cure to most ailments known to man. Nutrition remains the most essential human need to date and will always be.

After completing my studies in nutrition therapy, I have been able to combine my medical, nutritional and cooking skills in this unique offering that will help you set your foot into the world of healthy living. 

The most common factor that was reached from meeting hundreds of clients was one main point, does healthy food taste delicious? Can I give up the food I love for actually tasty substitutes? How can I fit this new shift in my diet into my busy lifestyle? Who has time to cook another ‘healthy meal’ after a long day? My cooking skills aren’t even that great!

This ebook was written to solve these problems.

An e-cookbook with healthy recipes for food that takes less than half an hour to prepare, with minimum cooking skills. It comes with a promise that eating healthy food will be FAST and DELICIOUS :) 

I hope this ebook helps you take the first step toward a more healthy lifestyle, all while remaining extremely productive! 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 47 reviews
hsin ying helen yang
Highly Recommend!

Given how many delicious recipes in this ebook, I highly recommend it. I feel the heart and soul have been put into each of the recipe here. Love them all!

Sue Boulter

Productivity Cookbook

Jay A. Ni
Practical and creative

The healthy recipes are easy to make and nutritious. Some areas for improvement - some pork recipes (rich in vitamin B's) and more recipes with a focus on the microbiome would add value. For example, different types of probiotics (fermented foods) and prebiotics (nutrients for the microflora) would be great. This is important because 80% of our immune system system is in the digestive tract. We need to nourish the microbiome as well as our bodies with each meal. But overall, really well done. Thank you! 🥰

Susanna C
Terrific cookbook!

I really love how simple these recipes are, and they are very healthy and tasty! I'm so grateful!!

Rob Fitz
Lovely lively recipe's

Great quick recipes with healthy, fresh, ingredients!