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Productivity Handbook

Productivity Handbook

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Productivity Handbook

The Productivity Handbook is now available as a bundle that contains an audiobook and an ebook that has ten critical practical steps to becoming a productive person.  Each chapter has a section on how to apply these tactics successfully and straight away. The book is straight to the point, with action points that have changed the habits of my clients while enjoying it. The accompanying audiobook is narrated by the author.

About Me

During my 15 years as a trainer and international speaker, I’ve amassed a vast amount of knowledge on this topic and have been able to deliver my expertise to multinational corporations.
I have been able to help employees and managers alike achieve better levels of productivity, time management, goal setting, and many other soft skills topics. I can do that by applying my knowledge in a concise and hands-on manner that unfolds the real reasons behind why people feel hindered and unable to achieve what they start with a plan for, all while enjoying being productive at the same time!
Being productive and taking action towards what you want to achieve is integral to your manifestation power. It allows you to vibrate in the same frequency as what you are trying to attract, which drives more opportunities towards you that align with your dreams.

What feels better and more empowering than actually getting closer to your dreams by watching yourself doing it and achieving it for yourself, one tick at a time?! This book is from my heart to yours, full of energy and intentions to help you reach your full potential.


The benefits of the ebook

With this book, you will be able to:
• Stay focused and enjoy the productivity process
• Learn helpful hacks to stop procrastinating
• Disrupt unproductive habits and lose them for good
• Succeed at changing your mindset towards prioritizing your time to do the things that are important to you
• Apply actual tactics that work to becoming a productive person
• Work smarter to avoid being burned out
• Easily face big tasks that seem intimidating and enjoy tackling them

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Customer Reviews

Based on 279 reviews
Promiti Hasan

The writing is ok, the book is super expensive and the password protection is a pain.

Emily Price
Ebook was emailed

I previously left a comment asking if I would receive the ebook. I did! My apologies for the other review. 5 stars for your wonderful book.

Emily Price
Will the ebook be emailed?

I paid for the ebook. Will it be emailed? How do I receive it?

Reem’s productivity handbook.

Reem has created a fantastic, easy to follow and extremely helpful and informative productivity handbook ! I have found it extremely helpful to help me get back on track in my life, due to feeling really lost and not knowing what to do, I am now on the road to success and happiness as I have followed the handbook step by step and now envision a truly wonderful path ahead ! I highly recommend it ! Thank you so much Reem for being your wonderful self !

Ana Reyes
Easy to follow, practical

I actually found it easy to follow since we are using monsters to represent our tasks, so I've been using it a lot.